Sharkando is a new slot game in the collection of Poker88mini-games. This game has afresher theme and there are more bonuses to win to all Poker88 players.

Sharkando; New Slot Mini Games in Poker88

Slot game relies on luck and skill. Many gamblers like this game because it only needs a small capital to play. Poker88 provides many slot games in their mini-games selections to keep the gamblers fresh. One of the new slot games is called by Sharkando. This slot game has a theme of beach or coast. It looks fresher. However, this game has the same rule as slot game in general.

Judi Poker Sharkando Slot Game

Sharknado game is considered as a new game. Therefore, there are only few gambling lovers who are interested in playing this slot game. Maybe, this is because they do not know how to play the game or they do not know yet this game. Actually, this game works just like other slot games. But it has certain features that differentfrom other Poker88 slot games.

In the game, a player must connect some image patterns to win. Before he starts this Poker88 game, he should set the value of the bet he wants. Then, he can start the game. The game will start when a player hit the spin button on the right in the shape of the big circle and then all the drawing patterns will rotate automatically. Each pattern has to connect in order to be one line.

In this Sharknado slot game, if a player is lucky, he will get bonuses like freespin or jackpot. This is one of the reasons of why there are some Poker88 gamblers like this game besides the theme. Sometimes, gamblers choose this game because they feel convenient. Indeed, each slot game, although they may have same rules, they provide adifferent look as well as feeling for the gamblers.